• Holder and thread binder

    He turned his hobby into a job and found his calling. With his warmth and passion, he infects everyone from Metro employees to his market vendors to his guests. Being a host is his passion. He has now handed over the management of the kitchen to his sous chef, Michael Albert. Nevertheless, the kitchen is not lost from sight and the chef's jacket is regularly put on.

    Why the new Restaurant 59?

    After 10 years at the Wannsee club restaurant, my team and I wanted a change, so we decided to start over as a team. The name is easy to explain, we are in a tennis club. The tennis ball was our inspiration for the naming.

    What can guests expect at Restaurant 59?

    "An honest kitchen with creativity and joy''.

    A modern, sporty ambience with historical history.

    A motivated team with the aim of delighting guests with culinary delights.

  • Restaurant management and good soul

    Nadine Laufer has a BA in business administration and is a trained hotel manager. During her studies, she and her father set up the club restaurant at Wannsee. Dealing with people, the daily variety and your ambition to give your guests a nice break are your motivation and make your work something special.

    Why the new restaurant NINE & FIVE?

    "We, the club restaurant team, are ready for a new start. As a team, we have decided to take a new path and I am really looking forward to the new challenge. I can finally combine my hobby and my work."

  • Chef and creative plate thinker

    Michael Albert is a trained chef and worked as a chef shortly after his training. He has been our sous-chef since 2019 and took over management of the kitchen in May 2022.

    From February at Restaurant 59, Why?

    The new restaurant was a team decision to start over. I am looking forward to this new challenge and will fulfill my job as head chef with enthusiasm and joy. The good thing about this decision is being able to discover new opportunities for myself and thus advance my professional development.

    What can guests expect from the kitchen in "Restaurant 59"?

    The concept remains the same as in the club restaurant at Wannsee.

    Our goal remains to delight our guests and to create a special culinary experience.

    To specialize the kitchen even more regionally and seasonally, but also to surprise with unusual dishes and creations.