who we are

we, that is the Laufer family. We are originally from Oberlausitz and moved to Potsdam in 2010. From 2011 to 2022, Wolfgang and Nadine Laufer ran the club restaurant at Wannsee in the MYCvD.                               

It's always time for a new beginning

With this quote in their hearts, they will close the doors of the club restaurant at Wannsee in MycVd together with their chef de cuisine Michael Albert on December 26th, 2022 and from February 1st, 2023 at a new address in the Grunwald Tennisclub e. V. open again.

Wolfgang Laufer is a host with a heart and pulls all the strings together. Nadine Laufer managed the restaurant and Michael Albert has held the position of head chef since 2019. Together they have managed in recent years to create a place for gourmets and to invite guests to linger. Be curious about the new Restaurant 59 and many unforgettable moments of pleasure.

  • Holder and thread gatherer

    At some point in his previous life, Wolfgang Laufer was a trained electrician. But he found his way into the kitchen very quickly. He turned his hobby into a job and found his calling. With his warmth and passion, he infects everyone from Metro employees to his market vendors to his guests. He expresses his love for cooking in every new dish.

    What is your favorite food / What do you like to cook most?

    "A good fillet steak with porcini mushrooms.

    " What can guests expect in the club restaurant at Wannsee?

    "Honest cuisine with creativity and joy. A fantastic view and maritime ambience with historical charm."

  • Restaurant management and good soul

    Nadine Laufer has a BA in business administration and is a trained hotel manager. During her studies she built up the club restaurant at Wannsee together with her father and now runs the restaurant. Dealing with people, the daily variety and your ambition to give your guests a nice break are your motivation and make your work something special.

    What is your favorite food?

    "My favorite food is definitely cake - in all variations and above all no matter when! Best for breakfast, lunch, dinner or as a midnight snack.

    What makes the club restaurant at Wannsee special for you?

    "I've become part of the business over the years and together with my father, I've turned it into a little gem. It's particularly nice for me now, because all our work is successful and our club members and guests love it."

  • Chef and creative plate thinker

    Michael Albert is a trained chef and worked as a chef shortly after his training. He worked in Spain and Austria in companies such as the Hotel Astoria and Sacher, was allowed to cook for Breitling, Mercedes, Hertha BSC or FC Barcelona and, among others, with Tim Mälzer and Hubertus Tzschirner stand behind the stove. Through his time as a Flying Chef, he got to know the whole range of cuisines and is now showing his skills in the club restaurant at Wannsee.

    How did you get into gastronomy?

    "Through my grandfather. He worked as a chef for the GDR government and accompanied them on trips. There was also my uncle, who showed me what cooking was all about.

    " What can guests expect in the club restaurant at Wannsee?

    "A satisfied smile, a team that enjoys their work, a special atmosphere and beautiful memories."