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For a long time, German cuisine was considered unmodern and “dusty”. Our goal is to ban this "dust" from the kitchen and to put the classics in a modern light. With the taste of the past and the feeling for tomorrow, we create new culinary delights again and again. It is precisely this tightrope walk that has made the kitchen of the club restaurant at Wannensee what it is today. has to offer. Asparagus in spring, mushrooms in summer, roast goose in winter – and here, too, contact with the producers is very important. The weekly visits to the market are always a get-together, meeting and exchange between the kitchen and producers, gardeners and breeders from the region. Through travelling, colleagues, friends and family, however, products from other regions or countries also find their way onto the plate and into the glass and make the taste of the kitchen so unmistakable - we affectionately call them our culinary finds.

  • Gourmet menu from March 1st, 2023

    goat cheese
    Quinoa | fruit | Bread

    mushrooms | carrot | Celery | purple potato

    Malu's soup
    apple | Black Nut | Bread


    Celery | Artichoke | tomato | Pea | Potato

    Cauliflower | Brussels sprouts | carps | Beetroot

    Meis | carrot | bok choy | Red cabbage


    Creme brulee
    fruits | Ice

    Chocolate Mouse
    Quinces | Ice

    The forbidden fruit
    apple | Ice


    If you have allergies or intolerances, please let our team know in advance.

  • asparagus time

    wild garlic soup
    Asparagus | pumpkin seeds


    asparagus soup

    Gröstl from ham



    Portion of Sonnenberger asparagus

    parsley potatoes
    | Sauce Hollandaise | butter


    you can choose:

    Scrambled eggs 5€

    Hay cooked ham 8€

    (own production, not always on offer)

    Tyrolean wild herb bacon 8€

    Wiener schnitzel 14€

    Argentine rump steak 18€

    Char fillet 14€

    If you would like to come spontaneously, give us a call!

    ☎ 0049 30 80105747